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Wikitrail.org is a project to create a free, complete and up-to-date guide for the world's long-distance hiking trails. Wikitrail relies on its users to keep trail information up-to-date - so if you see anything in the guides which doesn't appear correct, please feel free to make some updates.



Wikitrail.org was written by rhymenocerous a few months after he finished hiking the Appalachian Trail. Rhymenocerous is technically a section-hiker (since he did the trail in two parts: GA to Damascus, VA in 2010 and Damascus, VA to ME in 2012), but he is a thru-hiker at heart.

The idea for wikitrail.org came to rhymenocerous while he was hiking on the Massachusetts portion of the Appalachian Trail, somewhere just before the Mt Wilcox South Shelter. For the second time in recent memory, he had arrived at what was supposed to be a running water source - only to discover that it didn't actually have any water. The trail guide said that there would be water, but, in fact, there was none. It wasn't the fault of the trail guide, however. The guides are only updated a couple times a year - so, it's difficult for them to stay up-to-date with the latest conditions of the trail. "There has got to be a better way!", thought rhymenocerous. And the rest is history...

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